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Trevor (30)

"Training with Rui has been great. Rui keeps it fresh every week by rotating through different exercises. She sets you up to train on your own no matter how many days you are seeing her by providing a record of what you have done. Rui has always been extremely accessible and available by email and text when I have questions."

*Results may vary person to person.

Kathy (77)

"I'm 77 years old and have been with Brian for over 3 years. He is such a good trainer that I followed him when he had to move to another gym! He is considerate of my needs and goals. He listens to me and pushes me reasonably. I am healthy and strong; my balance is good! I am able to do exercises that younger women balk at. Brian is a good human being!"

*Results may vary person to person.

Bart (36)

"When I started working out with Rui all I wanted is to feel better. It wasn't about losing weight or getting stronger. She has helped me fix a lot of issues that I had that no longer exist. Now it's about getting stronger and leaner."

*Results may vary person to person.

Richard (73)

"I am a 73 year old man with Parkinson's Disease. I have been in personal training with Brian for the last years. He works with me on posture balance and strength. He achieves a balance in pushing me gently to not only maintain my heath as well as improve my physical condition while respecting my physical limitations. I attribute my health in great part to our ongoing work together."

*Results may vary person to person.

Joanie (29)

"I feel ten times stronger, but more importantly smarter and more in tune with what is going on physically. Along with training, Rui and Brian teach you how to be responsible for your health, so now I understand why I may or may not have physical limitations and how to be proactive about issues that surface."

*Results may vary person to person.

Serena (29)

"In my time working with Rui, I gained a deeper understanding of my body's movement and function, especially as it pertained to my fitness goals. She caught right away if my form was incorrect, and coached me to the correct form through a series of similar exercises leading up to the original. Rui has a kind demeanor, with a genuine interest in wanting her clients to feel encouraged both in and out of the gym, with the overall understanding how optimal function contributes to overall health. That said, her firm yet motivating side appears when she knows you can perform 'just one more'. She's the first person I think of when someone truly wants a commitment to improving their physical health."

*Results may vary person to person.


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